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What do you want to learn?

At Richard Willks Courses and Clay, we run a variety of courses and classes, from regular weekday and Saturday morning classes for those with some experience of pottery, to four week courses for those who are completely new to working with clay. and more focused one to one, or two to one Throwing sessions, for those who wish to concentrate on mastering the potter's wheel. We also run occasional "one off" courses eg, raku firings,, and are hoping to expand the range of experiences we offer. 

Pottery Workshop

My Story

I began studying pottery when still at school, but went on to work in other areas such as set building for theatres, and working in a bronze foundry producing work for renowned artists, before embarking on a career in teaching. In 2015 I decided to set up on my own, teaching from my garden studio, and have gradually built the business, expanding the working space in the studio during lockdown. This has enabled me to be offer a wider range of courses and add more specialised equipment.

Our Clients

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