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Four Week Sculptural Ceramics Course

To be held on 4 consecutive Saturdays,  2 - 4 pm.

Size of classes 4 - 6 pupils  - to maximise pupil/teacher contact

Cost £160


During the eight hour (4 x 2 hours) course, each participant will be introduced to working with a professional body of clay containing 51% Molochite. This clay body can withstand the most extreme thermal shock. The body has low shrinkage and is resistant to warping and Cracking, and will allow you to hand-build forms that will push the material to its limits.

We cover the following:

  • Hand-building techniques using plaster moulds to help construct irregular sculptural forms.

  • Making your own plaster moulds.

  • Working with coloured slips, glaze stains and oxides.


I will demonstrate each stage of production throughout the whole process.

I will encourage you to take work home in order to progress during the course time - you will soon come to realise that eight hours go very quickly!

Your finished work will be ready for firing in an electric kiln. Please note there will be a firing charge based on weight and size of work.

Your work will be bisque-fired and you will have a choice of methods to decorate and fire your piece at a later date. I encourage the use of alternative firing methods.

This course would be suitable for all adults over the age of 16.

Previous knowledge of working with clay would be useful but NOT essential.

I will be supplying all the tools required, however, I would encourage you to bring your own. NB - long fingernails will hinder your progress and may damage your work.

Cost: £160 - Payable on agreement of the start date.

Please feel free to ask for further information or pre-visit my studio before committing to a course.

Ceramic Clay
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