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Private Throwing Sessions

At Richard Wilks Clay courses Richard offers private tuition for learning to throw on the electric wheel.  A two hour intensive session is designed for you learn the basics of centering the clay, coning, lifting, shaping, collaring then applying a rim before the turning process. Cost for the two hour session is £60.  

There are three wheels adjacent to one another, this aids student observation techniques used by your neighbour.  As a beginner, the teaching would be given on a one-to-one basis. Richard will demonstrate a variety of techniques for you to practise.   He will give you advice and guidance on how to become an independent learner.

The first target is for the beginner to get to a stage where you can centre the clay on the wheel head.  Once mastered you can then concentrate on lifting and shaping the vessel.

It is recommended that a new beginner has at least three visits on a one-to-one basis.  You would be shown how to centre, lift and turn your work.  This would allow you to attend a regular class and practise your throwing skills to improve your standard of work.  Regular classes cost £25 for 2 hours.

Contact Richard for further information.

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showing how to use the banding wheel
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throwing lesson
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